Big news from the bustling metropolis of Youngstown!  Fluffy, our squirrel mascot met its demise trying to play frogger across Main Street. Actually that is a lie, we don’t have a mascot, but what is true, the Jug (Ontario House) is under new management and is doing better than ever. Live music is planned for after we shut down below the hill. The Mug and Musket (old Brennan’s) is also open and I’m sure they will also be open with live music and drinks. And please don’t forget to energize yourselves with the most important meal of the day . . . . . . breakfast at the Village Diner!

We regret to inform you that the Youngstown Motel has converted into apartments, limiting accommodation options for you out-of-towners. For more information regarding local attractions, food, and lodging, please visit the official CanAm Website  For those die-hard’s that still like to camp, the same piece of property on the corner of Hinman and Main Street is available. Melloni’s market can fix you boxed lunches, Rite Aid for those late night essentials, and of course, Anchor Spirits for all of your libation needs.

For the larger vessels that will be using a mooring, YYC’s Launch Service hours will be available daily. Hours shall be posted on the side of the launch shed. And while you are here, YYC will extend our bar and restaurant hours during the event.  Clubhouse dining is offered from 1730 – 2200 hrs. and the bar hours will be from 1200 – 1200 hrs. daily. The YYC Junior Sailing Foundation will continue their traditional ice sales outside the Junior Sailing Building. Please help support our future racers!


Thursday, 21 July 2016

1700 – 2200                Village Appreciation Party – Main Street, Youngstown: Food, libation, live bands

1700 – 2100                Clothing Sales on Main Street

1800 – 2000                Wristband Sales on Main Street


Friday, 22 July 2016

1530 – 2100                Clothing Sales inside YYC Clubhouse

1500 – 2200                Registration at Gristmill – Customs & Border Protection will be available

1400 – 2100                Wristband Sales

1730 – 1830                Drink Specials – Under Awning

1600 – 2200                Food Truck Available

1830 – 2230                Live Music


Saturday, 23 July 2016

0800 – 0900                Registration at Gristmill.  Customs & Border Protection will not be available

0700 – 0900                Complimentary Competitors Breakfast – Coffee & Muffin/Bagel/Scone

1000                              First Warning Signal – All Courses

1600 – 2100                 Wristband Sales inside YYC Clubhouse


Saturday, 23 July 2016 (cont.)

1500 – 2200                 Clothing Sales inside YYC Clubhouse

1730 – 2000                 Street Hockey Competition

1730 – 1830                  Drink Specials – Under Awning

1800 – 2030                 Dinner & Drink Specials Under the Big Top

1830 – 2230                 Live Music


Sunday, 24 July 2016

0700 – 0900                  Complimentary Competitors Breakfast – Coffee & Muffin/Bagel/Scone

1000                               First Warning Signal – All Courses

1500 – 1900                   Clothing Sales inside YYC Clubhouse – Wristbands Available at Clothing Sales

1400 – 1800                   Drink Specials

1400                                Live Music


1500                                Complimentary pizza served under tent

1530                                Awards Ceremony under the Tent (Tentative)